Side-chic Unknowingly Hired Me to Drive Her to My Boyfriend’s House, Hell was Let Loose – Lady Uber Driver Narrates

A female Uber driver has narrated how a side-chic unknowingly hired her to drive her to her boyfriends house, and hell was let loose after her shocking discovery.

A US-based female Twitter identified simply as Msixelaa (@Msixelaa) who is also an Uber driver, has taken to the social media platform to share her life experience of a recent happening in her love life.

In a story which is making the rounds on social media, the lady revealed how her fiance’s side-chick unknowingly hired her (the uber lady) to drive to a boyfriend’s place, only for her to discover that the final destination was her own fiance’s home.
She revealed firther that her fiance had told her he is travelling only for her to discover his planned romantic getaway with the lady who hired her Uber car, and hell was let loose,
Below is how she shared her story;
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