8 year old girl still missing after Ariana Grande Manchester terror attack


An eight year old girl is one of the youngest children to be named as missing following the Manchester Arena bombing.

Saffie Rose Roussos went to the Ariana Grande concert on Monday with her mother Lisa and sister Ashlee.

Ashlee – known as Ash was in the Royal Bolton Hospital with shrapnel injuries and Ashlee was being treated elsewhere also with similar, non life threatening injuries.

Saffie’s family were frantically trying to find out where the little girl, who lives in Preston, Lanc, might be.

Adam Brown, whose brother is in a relationship with Saffie’s sister, shared a picture of the eight-year-old on Facebook at 7.30 on Tuesday morning.

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He wrote: ‘STILL MISSING: Saffie Rose Roussos, 8 yrs old. Missing from Manchester attack.’

Mr Brown added that he has ‘rang just about every number under the sun to do with it’, including contacting Crisis Line and all the hotels that have been helping out.

He added, ‘Ashlee and Lisa were separated and both were hospitalised but both ‘okay’… shrapnel wounds.’

Another family friend, Kate McDae, posted on Facebook: ‘ My sister’s friend and daughters were at the concert last night.

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‘Saffie. 8 years old is still missing. Her mum Lisa and sister Ash are in hospital with shrapnel injuries which are not life threatening but Saffie is still missing. Ashlee’s in Bolton but lisa is in a different one x

‘Please could you share this post and help find her. Especially my colleagues. Saffie-Rose Roussos. 8 years old.’

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