Lesbians fancy women because ‘men get turned on by it’, Study claims

One of the main reasons that some women fancy other women is because men get off on the idea of lesbianism, a new ‘scientific’ study is claiming.

Academics from the University of Nicosia have been trying to work out why lesbianism exists (?!) and after extensive research, they’ve concluded that it may have come about as a result of guys getting hot and bothered at the thought of women banging.

‘A considerable proportion of men desire same-sex attractions in women, and this is one possible reason why many women have such attractions,’ lead researcher Menelaos Apostolou told Pink News.

So, how many lesbians did they interview for this research?

Well, none.

A 'scientific' study is claiming that lesbianism exists because 'men get turned on by it'

They surveyed 1,509 heterosexual partipants, from which they found that 34.4% of male respondents would prefer a partner who was attracted ‘predominantly to members of the opposite sex but occasionally of the same sex’.

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Of course, that response has absolutely nothing to do with porn or the fetishisation of female same-sex relationships…

And surprisingly, only 7.8% of women gave the same answer.

From that, researchers argued that one of the reasons men are attracted to women who are open to same-sex attraction is so that they can increase their certainty of being the father of a potential child, should their partner sleep with someone else.

A 'scientific' study is claiming that lesbianism exists because 'men get turned on by it'

‘A woman, driven by her sexual desires, may seek sexual contact outside of her long-term intimate relationship.

‘When this woman has sex with another woman she does not have sex with another man which translates into same-sex contact reducing the risk of cuckoldry,’ the study concluded.

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Menelaos said that women wanted to get with women is an ‘instinctive sexual trait’ that serves as a ‘mechanism that has been selected to serve a purpose, to make you reproduce’.

He does, however, say that more research needs to be done if we’re truly to understand same-sex attraction in women.

Maybe actually talking to some LGBT women might be a good start.

But then again, what do we know?

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