How To Find Women Who Love S*x Addicts


If you are a s*x addict, you need to find out how to find women who love s*x addicts if you want to have a fulfilling s*x life. If you are not a s*x addict, you might enjoy finding a woman who prefers to sleep with s*x addicts because she will be used to have frequent s*x. Woman who love s*x addicts often like to try things that other women shy away from because they have to keep things fresh which means their s*xual partners never get bored.

Get into the mind of women who love s*x addicts. If you were someone who loved s*x addicts where would you try to find them? There are support groups for s*x addicts and some women might go undercover and pose as s*x addicts to try and find horny men. Join a s*x addiction support group and greatly exaggerate your s*xual prowess. If there are any imposters among the female addicts they will quickly make themselves known to you.

Dress like a s*x addict. To attract women looking for s*x addicts, you must dress like a s*x addict. Buy some lycra cycle shorts and wear them about town. If necessary, bulk out the groin area with a pair of socks. Though not illegal, cycle shorts are highly distasteful and vulgar. Most women would be repulsed by someone who wore them to the grocery store, church or the office but women who love s*x addicts will be in seventh Heaven. They will be keen to get their hands on your lycra.

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Act like a s*x addict. Tell people that you are a s*x addict. For the sake of your long term reputation you may want to do this in parts of town that you do not normally hang out it. Go to new bars and loudly explain to people that you are a s*x addict and are attempting to steer clear of your many s*xual partners. Approach women on the dance floor of nightclubs and ask them if you can buy them a water as a platonic gesture because you are trying to prove that you are over your s*x addiction.

Most women will run form you but those who linger are the ones who love s*x addicts.
Post an add for a female s*x addiction sponsor in the local paper. If you put an advert in the local parer for a woman to act a sponsor during your recovery from s*x addiction, one of two things will happen: You will get replies from women who love s*x addicts or you will get replies from women who believe in celibacy.

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You should be able to distinguish the two groups because the exponents of celibacy will not appear at your door with their cleavage showing. Tell your so-called sponsor that your are weak and she will happily help you fall off the wagon.

Find the nightclub with the over 40 crowd. Every town has at least one night club where women over the age of 40 with peroxide blonde hair and dark roots, hang out and “forget” to wear their wedding rings. These sexually frustrated women are not looking for a new husband but they are looking for someone new to have s*x with. They love s*x addicts because they are like a credit card for s*x that never runs out of juice. Find the horny housewives club in your town and you will find the women who love s*x addicts.

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