How to apply eyeliner like a makeup artist

Made Up: How to apply eyeliner

Eyeliner is one of those things that most either love or loathe, it can be a nightmare to get the shape right let alone symmetrical.

Eyeliner (and some amazing makeup artists) created iconic makeup looks for the likes of Adelle, Amy Winehouse, and Lana Del Ray which encouraged so many of us to run out and stock up on liquid eyeliner.

For those who haven’t mastered the art of eye lining, here are a few tips for getting perfectly lined eyes.

1. Choose an eye lining pen that’s thin with a fine tip

I find that the larger tipped pens are so much harder to control.

I really love Delilah’s Slim Line Liquid Liner (£24), not only does it have a great thin brush, but also has the best carbon black waterproof formula which wears all day.

2. For those who aren’t comfortable using eyeliner try using an angled brush and some black powder eyeshadow to trace the shape of the eye line prior to applying the liquid eye liner.

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This tip will allow you to perfect your shape before drawing over it with the pen, if you make any mistakes just tidy up with a fine cotton bud.

For eye lining mistakes I always use the Muji Thin Cotton Buds with a little Bioderma to perfect the eye – these are both a must in my makeup kit.

3. When you draw the line work in short strokes rather than trying to do the line in one go

This will give you more control and precision when drawing your eye line.

By using a thinner pen you will also be able to control your width of your eyeliner keeping in thin or going back over the line to thicken up.

Always remember to get the product in the roots of the lashes too, not just on the eye line.

4. Flicks of the eyeliner can be very subtle or dramatic

Play around the the flick around your own eye shape and the look you want to create.

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For a more elongated eye try angling the eye towards the tail of the brow as seen in the video above.

For the video I used Eyeko’s Black Magic Eyeliner (£15) which is another one of my favourite eyeliners.

The brush is ultra thin and so easy to work with – the formula is waterproof, super matte black, with WIDELASH (a tripeptide based blend) in it to reputedly help boost lash growth.

5. For those who are really not confident with creating a flick, try using something with an edge like Beauty Blender Liner.Designer (£14)

Launched a few months back, this clever eye lining tool which is perfect for creating symmetry and perfect eye flicks.

6. Practice really does make perfect, as does finding the right eyeliner that works for you

Play around with testers before buying (for hygiene reasons I would just try on the back of your hand in store).

Make sure the pen itself feels good in your hands and that is not too bulky, also make sure the brush on the tip gives you adequate control, and lastly make sure the formula has a good amount of pigment and is waterproof to last all day.

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