This is how lipsticks are made and it’s mesmerising [Photos]


The vast majority of us own way too many lipsticks – the majority of which end up in a molten mess at the bottom of our handbags, or as little stumps.

Apparently, we use up to 9lbs of lipstick over the course of our lifetimes.

And 30% of our lipsticks end up in our stomachs. So, with that troubling fact, it might be worth knowing how they’re actually made.


Fortunately, Rachel Zoe’s documentary series, The Zoe Report, has released a one minute video showing exactly that.

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And apparently, there are just five steps to creating the perfect lipstick.

First, a vegetable base is mixed with pigment, which is then rolled and pressed.

Then various shades are melted together to make new colours – in a microwave.

(Picture: The Zoe Report/Youtube)
(Picture: The Zoe Report/YouTube)

Next, the formula gets placed in a metal stick mold.

And that mold gets stuck in the freezer for 15 minutes to firm up.

(Picture: The Zoe Report/Youtube)
(Picture: The Zoe Report/YouTube)

Lastly, the mold is opened and a plastic tube is placed around the stick.

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And voila, a lipstick is born.

(Picture: The Zoe Report/YouTube

Now we just need a video showing us how Kylie Cosmetics are designed and made.


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