S*x Discomforts


Discomfort during s*x is not a fun part of pregnancy, but it’s a common one, especially as your baby grows. s*x positions that were comfortable before pregnancy may not feel good now. This is often worse in the third trimester. As your belly bulges and your baby begins to move down into your pelvis, it increases pressure there. Issues like chest tenderness or needing to urinate a lot can also interfere with s*x. All of this is normal and temporary. s*xual comfort should return within a few weeks or a few months after delivery.

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Call Doctor If:

You notice unusual symptoms such as pain, bleeding, or discharge after intercourse.
You have contractions that seem to continue after s*x.
Step-by-Step Care:

Don’t lie on your back during s*x (the missionary position) after the fourth month of pregnancy. Your growing uterus puts pressure on major blood vessels, which can be uncomfortable and unsafe.
Try new s*xual positions to reduce pressure on your belly. Be on top or lie on your side, with your partner behind. During the second or third trimester, you may be comfortable on your hands and knees with your partner kneeling behind.
Use a s*xual lubricant if dryness makes s*x uncomfortable.
Be intimate in other ways. Cuddle, kiss, or massage each other

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